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Offering e-learning material for distant learning of EUnetHTA tools.

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Chalon PX, Erdos J, Lampe K, Saterdael I.  2015.  Offering e-learning material for distant learning of EUnetHTA tools. 12th Annual Meeting of the HTAi [Oral presentation]


Background: In the last decade, EUnetHTA, the European network of Health Technology Assessment, has developed several tools to facilitate the joint production of HTA information.
Because of the transnational nature of this network, e-learning was identified as a potential complement for the face to face training program and considered by surveyed partners as the most suited method for several tools.

Objectives: To describe the development of e-learning at EUnetHTA.

Methods: Users’ as well as producers’ experiences with e-learning and required infrastructure to create and disseminate e-learning material was explored.
Two of the EUnetHTA tools were selected to test the production of e-learning material, one by recording an e-meeting session, and the other by audio and video recording a face to face training.
A working group provided feedback to the pilots and the e-learning material was fine-tuned before it was released. A feedback form for end users has been provided aside the e-learning material.

Results: The existing intranet and e-meeting software were selected as the infrastructure for e-learning, and complemented by a video hosting service and an authoring software.
Four webcasts about the Planned and Ongoing Projects database (POP DB) and four slide-casts about the HTA Core model® were produced and included in a virtual class-room on the intranet. Webcasts and slide-casts have been well received by the working group. Feedback from end users is currently collected.

Conclusions: The production process has been manageable for both the content providers and the technical support. Using the intranet and the e-meeting software helped to limit the cost of the e-learning infrastructure.
The production of e-learning material will thus be generalised to all EUnetHTA tools and further developed in the future.