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Building a Community of Practice for people in charge of HTA dissemination

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Holdt Henningsen K, Chalon PX, Briat G, Vinck I, Rondia K, Mertens R.  2015.  Building a Community of Practice for people in charge of HTA dissemination. 12th Annual Meeting of the HTAi. [Oral presentation]


Background: EUnetHTA, the European network for Health Technology Assessment has for about a decade comprehensively dealt with various HTA production aspects. However, dissemination of the final HTA report was yet to be addressed. In order to identify best practices in this field, a Community of Practice (CoP) was initiated with the aim of bringing together people in charge of HTA dissemination amongst EUnetHTA members.

Objectives: To describe the building process and first results of the EUnetHTA Community of Practice on dissemination.

Methods: The objective of the CoP was defined by a work-team. Potential participants were identified from all EUnetHTA Partners, and as a first step a webinar was organised to present interested participants with the concept and objective of the CoP. Subsequently, a workshop was organised to share knowledge and plan future activities.

Results: 44 people from 25 agencies in 18 countries joined the CoP. Of these, 25 participated in the webinar and confirmed the utility of the CoP. The workshop brought together 17 people and resulted in identification of crucial steps in the HTA dissemination process, knowledge exchange about dissemination actions, and main topics of interest to the CoP. A series of Webinars provided by the CoP members themselves has been set up, two webinars has already been conducted, and a third is planned later this year.

Conclusion: The CoP provides a suited format for formally exchanging information about dissemination of HTA reports and establishing best practices together with peers. Best practices identified through the workshop and the webinars will be compiled in a best practice document. Further activities will be planned in the future, including the consideration of stakeholder involvement.