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Eunethta Tools and Methods – Facilitating Uptake by Training Activities

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Saeterdal I, Chalon PX, Klemp M.  2015.  Eunethta Tools and Methods – Facilitating Uptake by Training Activities. ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress . 18:A561. [Poster]


Objectives: Provide training activities to facilitate uptake and ensure the optimal use of the EUnetHTA tools and methods. In the last decade, EUnetHTA (the European network for Health Technology Assessment), has developed several tools and methods to facilitate joint production of HTAs by Partners. In order to favour their implementation and practical use, providing training is required. Additionally, EUnetHTA Stakeholders expressed an interested in trainings about the same topics.

Methods: Partners and Stakeholders were surveyed to identify their training needs, collect their training format preference and identify which tool and methods to prioritize. A training program including both face-to-face and online activities was set up. Training opportunities were advertised using news items on the intranet and on the public site, pamphlets, newsletters and direct e-mail. Tool and method developers created the material and provided the activities. A feedback was requested from participants after each training session; specific questions were included in the annual general survey for Partners.

Results: Partners have been offered three face-to-face courses and several webinars which reached 90 people from 27 agencies and 25 countries. e-learning material (webcasts or recorded training sessions) were also created. All participants were satisfied or very satisfied, 70 % indicated having changed their practice following the training event. Stakeholders have been offered three face-to-face courses, which reached 70 participants (mostly patient organisations and manufacturers). All participants were satisfied of very satisfied

Conclusions: EUnetHTA has succeeded in establishing a training program. Because EUnetHTA is a transnational network, use of e-learning should be extended so that more Partners will be able to increase their knowledge on EUnetHTA tools and methods in order to efficiently produce joint HTA information. Stakeholders also benefited from the training program to get a better comprehension of both HTA and EUnetHTA tools and methods. However, cost of pursuing this activity will need to be further assessed.